St Paul’s Cathedral

10 Nov

This is the view of St Paul’s from One New Change, the new shopping centre in the city. It is worth visiting One New Change just for this view. Go down to the lower ground floor and catch the escalator up to the ground floor; the view of St Paul’s comes into view as you move up and it is truly spectacular.

The view of the city from the very top of St Paul’s. I had to climb 528 winding steps to get to the Golden Gallery for it, but my was it worth it.


New city, new blog

17 Oct

I recently packed up all my worldly possessions and moved from the sleepy, rural Cotswolds to the big, smokey London.

This blog charts my adventures discovering London and what I find there.

If you are new to London too, I hope this blog will provide a source of ideas for places to visit and things to see. If you discover somewhere worth checking out, let me know. This goes for you Londoners out there as well – tell me about your favourite haunt or a local gem us newbies should discover.